FACET Can, 33cl aluminium concept can. Facet design inspired.
Production technology process called impact extrusion, a process where an aluminium slug (solid piece of metal) is pressed at a high velocity with extreme force into a die/mould by a punch.

This Can that I have created and presented on my website as being or as could be “the new Coca-Cola can” has in fact not been ordered by The Coca-Cola Company. The reproduction of the trademarks “Coca-Cola” or the modification of the Coca-Cola can has been made without authorisation of The Coca-Cola Company. Any reproduction of the trademarks owned by The Coca-Cola Company requires its prior written authorisation; consequently, I have removed any representation of the FACET can and any reproduction of any trademark whatsoever of The Coca-Cola Company. For its part, the Coca-Cola Company specifies that the reproduction of its trademarks is not allowed without its prior written agreement, that is not and has never been one of my clients, contrary to what I indicated on my website abovementioned, and that to date it does not intend to use the FACET Can.

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2009, Patented model. Dzmitry Samal Copyright

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